Sentence Examples with the word encyclical

But at the same time, fearing a schism in the church should he attack Catholic Austria, he forbade his troops to do more than defend the frontier, and in his Encyclical of the 29th of April stated that, as head of the church, he could not declare war, but that he was unable to prevent his subjects from following the example of other Italians.

In July 1907 the Holy Office published its decree condemning certain modernist propositions, and in September the pope issued his encyclical Pascendi Gregis.

But as a faithful Catholic he obeyed the encyclical of 1892, and declared his readiness to rally to a Republican government, provided that it respected religion.

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Of the fall of Edessa, and at the end of the year he had sent an encyclical to France - the natural soil, as we have seen, of crusading zeal.

Externally uneventful as his life henceforth necessarily was, it was marked chiefly by the reception of distinguished personages and of numerous pilgrimages, often on a large scale, from all parts of the world, and by the issue of encyclical letters.

The encyclical letters of the Roman Catholic Church are epistles, even more so than bulls, which are usually more special in their destination.

An encyclical of Pius IX.

The results of the deliberations were embodied in seventy-eight resolutions, which were appended to the encyclical issued, in the name of the conference, by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the 8th of August.

In his Encyclical of August 4, 1879, which directed the clergy to take the teachings of Aquinas as the basis of their theological position.

At its very commencement, the pope in his first encyclical (Easter 1878) proclaimed the necessity of a temporal hierarchy.