Sentence Examples with the word encrusted

There was a flight of steps ascending to these doors, and beyond were two smaller doors encrusted with jewels - the rubies were particularly fine.

The order Zoanthidea comprises a number of soft-bodied Zoantharians generally encrusted with sand.

These are steeped in water from the mineral springs until they become encrusted with a calcareous deposit which gives them the appearance of fossils.

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The walls, both internally and externally, are encrusted with marbles.

The surface of the pilasters is divided into compartments encrusted with bas-reliefs of various subjects and styles.

Just behind the royal standard-bearers came the Princess Ozma in her royal chariot, which was of gold encrusted with emeralds and diamonds set in exquisite designs.

Some species belonging to the families Squamariaceae and Corallinaceae grow attached through their whole length and breadth, and are often encrusted with lime.

Some of the boulders are encrusted by marine organisms and must have been dropped by icebergs in the sea.

Dazzled society by his Magyar uniform, which was encrusted all over, even to the boots, with pearls and diamonds; while the Turkish ambassador, Sarim Effendi, caused much diversion by his bewilderment.

Many species produce gums and resins, their stems being encrusted with the exudations, and pungency and aromatic odour is an almost universal quality of the plants of desert regions.