Sentence Examples with the word encroaching

From 1293 onward Philip and his sons had been striving to make an end of the power of the Plantagenets in Aquitaine, sometimes by the simple argument of war, more frequently by the insidious process of encroaching on ducal rights, summoning litigants to Paris, and encouraging local magnates and cities alike to play off their allegiance to their suzerain against that to their immediate lord.

Liberal support was given to the Confederacy, both in men and supplies, but Governor Vance, one of the ablest of the Southern war governors, engaged in acrimonious controversies with President Jefferson Davis, contending that the general government of the Confederacy was encroaching upon the prerogatives of the separate states.

It continued, however, to be governed by native princes until it was absorbed by the encroaching power of Pontus.

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The coast, constantly encroaching on the sea by reason of the alluvium washed down by the rivers of the Pyrenees and Cvennes, is without important harbours saving that of Cette, itself continually invaded by the sand.

The history of Folkestone is a record of its struggle against the sea, which was constantly encroaching upon the town.

The sea is encroaching over a considerable extent of coast-line on the North Sea as well as on the English Channel.

The line of demarcation between these colours is not distinct, washes or splashes of grey encroaching upon the white on the sides, and varies somewhat in different individuals.

He didn't share the encroaching baldness or the spreading waistline of the others.

Their club (see FEUILLANTS, CLUB OP THE), desired the strict and loyal application of the cOnstitution without encroaching upon the authority of the king; the triumvirate, Duport, Barnave and Lameth, were at the head of this party.

As lately as the middle of the 18th century the town stood a quarter of a mile from the river, but is now on the bank, the intervening space having been washed away, together with a large part of the town, by the stream continually encroaching on its left bank.