Sentence Examples with the word encouraging

In completing Wilhelm Meister, Goethe found a sympathetic and encouraging critic in Schiller, to whom he owed in great measure his renewed interest in poetry.

The Catholic party also strove to mitigate the principle of obligatory military service by encouraging the system of volunteering and by a reduction of the time of active service and of the number with the colours.

Laurencio was encouraging her.

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And his imperial antipopes, encouraging the emperors son to rebel against him, and stirring up Europe for the first crusade.

Flue-cured bright tobacco is principally produced, but sun-cured is also exported; and in1906-1907experiments with Turkish tobacco gave encouraging results.

Sensing she was only encouraging him not to do what she wanted, she sought some other reason.

This would have a tertiary benefit of encouraging governments to raise their level of consumer and worker protection so business can be outsourced to them more easily.

Gabriel wasn't getting his hopes up, let alone encouraging hers.

The Pennsylvanian Quakers advised their members against the trade in 1696; in 1754 they issued to their brethren a strong dissuasive against encouraging it in any manner; in 1774 all persons concerned in the traffic, and in 1776 all slave holders who would not emancipate their slaves, were excluded from membership. The Quakers in the other American provinces followed the lead of their brethren in Pennsylvania.

There is little doubt, however, that in the near future means will be devised to obtain the most efficient work from these minute organisms, either by special artificial cultivation and subsequent application to the soil, or by improved methods of encouraging their healthy growth and activity in the land where they already exist.