Sentence Examples with the word encircle

Tracks of a belt line transfer company encircle the city, and altogether there are more than 500 m.

One of the finest squares in the world for the beauty of the buildings which encircle it is the Rathausplatz, adjoining the Ring-Strasse.

The collar A' is then raised by the lever G so as to encircle the blank, and the upper die which is held at A is brought down.

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The kach is a sort of knickerbockers reaching to just below the knee, which they encircle tightly.

Genoa has in the past been somewhat handicapped in the race by the insufficiency of railway communication, which, owing to the mountains which encircle it, is difficult to secure, many tunnels being necessary.

Broad, and on the other by a range of hills which almost encircle the town.

A special characteristic of the Yemen highlands is that fields and inhabited sites are found at the highest elevations, the mountain-tops forming extensive plateaux, often scarped on every side and only accessible by difficult paths cut in the cliffs which encircle them like the escarpments of a natural fortress; a remarkable example of this is Jebel Jihaf on the Aden border, 8000 ft.

The loftiest mountains in South Wales, extending from Herefordshire and Monmouthshire (where their eastern spurs form the Hatteral Hills) in a southeasterly direction into Carmarthenshire, completely encircle the county on the east and south except for the break formed by the Vale of Usk at Crickhowell.

Above the confluence it passes under the walls of Mantua, and expands into a broad lake-like reach so as entirely to encircle that city.

In the suburbs which encircle the old town are to be noted the vast central Hauptbahnhof (1893-1898) occupying the site of the old Bohmischer railway station, the new premises of the municipal hospital and the Ausstellungs-Halle (exhibition buildings).