Sentence Examples with the word encased

At the south-western corner, on the right of the approach to the old entrance, a bastion of early masonry was encased in a rectangular projection which formed a base for the temple of Nike.

The feet were either entirely naked or encased in shoes of raw hide fastened with thongs.

Cylinders, tanks and independent boilers should be encased in a non-conducting material such as silicate cotton, thick felt or asbestos composition.

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With the exception of the tower, which has been encased and raised to double its former height - to 300 ft.

It is described as a cornelian encased in a silver coin.

He encased himself in fatalism, with the result that in two years the mightiest empire reared by man broke under the twofold strain.

The pupa either shows the appendages of the perfect insect, though these are encased in a sheath and adherent to the body, or else it is entirely concealed within the hardened and contracted larval integument, which forms a barrel-shaped protecting capsule or puparium.

The internal pear-shaped body is encased structure may be gathered from fig.

We must grasp clearly this conception of metallic matrix and encased graphite skeleton if we are to understand this subject.

The middle toe was the largest, and the weight of the body was mainly supported on this and the two adjoining digits, which appear to have been encased in hoofs, thus foreshadowing the tridactyle type common in perissodactyle and certain extinct groups of ungulates.