Sentence Examples with the word encampment

This act led to reprisals, and on the 17th of January 1837 a Boer commando surprised Mosilikatze's encampment at Mosega, inflicting heavy loss on the Matabele without themselves 1 Two small children were spared and brought up as Kaffirs.

The ground is covered with fragments of tiles and pottery of the classical period, and it is probably a hastily built encampment of historic times rather than a primitive fortification, as there are no prehistoric traces (Orsi in Notizie degli scavi, 1903, 442).

It is a large straggling encampment rather than a town, with few buildings of any architectural merit.

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Mansr strode down one of the many paths lining the rocky hills, away from the encampment and into a part of the hills untouched by any but the moons' light.

For some years the history of the infant settlement was that of a large gaol; the attempts made to till the soil at Farm Cove near Sydney and near Parramatta were only partially successful, and upon several occasions the residents of the encampment suffered much privation.

In the vicinity of Bromley, Bickley is a similar residential township, Hayes Common is a favourite place of excursion, and at Holwood Hill near Keston are remains of a large encampment known as Caesar's Camp. Bromley was incorporated in 1903, and is governed by a mayor, 6 aldermen and 18 councillors.

Numerous prehistoric relics have been discovered in the district, and a large circular encampment is seen at Winklebury Hill.

It was not within the walls, the encampment on the cliff, or within the passionate people themselves.

Next follow the passage of the Jordan (commemorated by the erection of twelve stones), the encampment at Gilgal, and the observance of the rite of circumcision and of the passover (iii.-v.).

Seq.) occur naturally after the encampment at the southern Gilgal (near Jericho).