Sentence Examples with the word enactment

In 1539 Alesius was compelled to flee for the second time to Germany, in consequence of the enactment of the statute of the Six Articles.

Availing himself of the favourable moment, he obtained the enactment of the fundamental law of the 17th of December 1819, by which the republics of Venezuela and New Granada were henceforth to be united in a single state, under his presidency, by the title of the Republic of Colombia.

At the time of the Austrian occupation (1878) it was regulated by a Turkish enactment of the 12th of September 1859.

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By this enactment it is made possible, where more than 20 workers are employed, for an elected council to cooperate in securing the welfare of the workers, to see to the due execution of contracts and agreements, to settle disputes, and to take part in the management of philanthropic institutions.

The enactment of laws to protect the lives of the men engaged in air current, or back-draught from the fire.

In addition to the enactment of canons (strictly so-called) the English provincial synods since the Henrician changes have legislated - in 1570 by the enactment of the Thirty-Nine Articles, in 1661 by approving the present Book of Common Prayer, and in 1873 by approving shorter forms of matins and evensong.

Juarez almost immediately secured the enactment of a law (Ley Juarez, Nov.

During this period he was largely concerned in the enactment of the Anti-Trust Law of 1890, and of the so-called Sherman Act of the same year, providing for the purchase of silver and the issuing of Treasury notes based upon it.

In the same year a similar enactment was passed in Saxony, and the subject is a favourite one with antiSemites, who have enlisted on their side some scientific authorities, though the bulk of expert opinion is in favor of Shehitah (see Dembo, Das Schlachten,1894).

Even persons without means may obtain land, an enactment enabling them to purchase on credit to the extent of nine-tenths of the value of the land acquired.