Sentence Examples with the word enabling act

The committee recommended the enactment of two laws, one for the admission of Maine, the other an enabling act for Missouri without any restrictions on slavery but including the Thomas amendment.

Finally, under a congressional enabling act of the 3rd of March 1875, a constitution was framed by a convention at Denver (loth of December 1875 to r4th of March 1876) and adopted by the people on the rst of July 1876.

Application for admission to the Union was now made to Congress, and on the 31st of December 186 2 an enabling act was approved by President Lincoln admitting the state on the condition that a provision for the gradual abolition of slavery be inserted in the Constitution.

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An Enabling Act was passed on the 1st of March 1817, and the state was formally admitted into the Union on the 10th of December.

Western Australia did not put it to the vote, as the Enabling Act of that colony only provided for joining a federation of which New South Wales should form a part.

By the Enabling Act Congress had extended the eastern boundary to the 38th meridian (W.

In June 1910 the President approved an enabling act providing for the admission of Arizona and New Mexico as separate states.

The state constitution adopted in 1802 followed the enabling act in accepting this line, but made the proviso that if it should not intersect Lake Erie east of the mouth of the Miami river, then the northern boundary should be a line from the southern end of Lake Michigan to the most northern cape of Maumee Bay and thence to the Territorial line, and to the Pennsylvania line.

The Enabling Act was passed on the 30th of April 1802, the first state legislature met on the 1st of March 1803, the Territorial judges gave up their offices on the 15th of April 1803, and the Federal senators and representatives took their seats in Congress on the 17th of October 1803.

The Congressional Enabling Act of the 30th of April 1802 followed that alternative of the North-West Ordinance which provided for five states in determining the boundaries, and in consequence the Indiana and Michigan districts were detached.