Sentence Examples with the word employer

Either process will in general require additional capital, the former to maintain the new labourers, the latter to provide improved machinery or to enable the employer to introduce a more complete division of labour.

With him he stayed for about eighteen months, and has as usual infinite complaints to make of his employer and some strange stories to tell.

The bitter feelings engendered between employer and employed culminated in the peasants' revolt of 1381.

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Of the contribution one half is paid by the employer and the other by the employee, whose duty it is to see that the amount has been properly entered in the pension book.

He reached Philadelphia in October 1726, but a few months later Denham died, and Franklin was induced by large wages to return to his old employer Keimer; with Keimer he quarrelled repeatedly, thinking himself ill used and kept only to train apprentices until they could in some degree take his place.

A law forbidding under severe penalties a labourer from hiring himself to a second employer without giving notice of a prior contract, and an employer from hiring a labourer known by him to be bound by such a contract, had aided in the development of the system, though it had been enacted for a different purpose.

This will absolve the employer from any vicarious liability.

I seek an alliance against my former employer and to regain my place at the Council, Sasha answered.

His character developed unanticipated strength on the practical side; he became a vigorous employer of labour, an active planter, above all a powerful and benignant island chieftain.

But Chad merely stopped selling his labor to the employer for that price.