Sentence Examples with the word employed

Scott of the Pennsylvania railway, who employed him as a secretary; and in 1859, when Scott became vice-president of the company, he made Carnegie superintendent of the western division of the line.

Galvanized iron by its zinc surface is protected from corrosion by the weather, though the protection is not very efficient in the presence of acid or sulphurous fumes, and accordingly it is extensively employed for roofing, especially in the form of corrugated sheets.

Formerly also Sticta pulmonaria was much employed in brewing instead of hops, and it is said that a Siberian monastery was much celebrated for its beer which was flavoured with the bitter principle of this species.

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Doolittle was of the greatest importance in rendering the use of long lines practicable, and it is universally employed for such service.

It is extensively employed for the preparation of other potassium salts, but the largest quantity (especially of the impure product) is used in the production of artificial manures.

Ann., 1890, 40, p. 56) employed an arrangement as follows: Four fine platinum or iron wires were joined in lozenge shape, and two sets of these R and S were connected up with two resistances P and Q to form a bridge with a galvanometer G and battery B.

They were built in France and the Low Countries, in the coast towns and the rivers - even in Paris - and were collected gradually, shore batteries both fixed and mobile being largely employed to cover the passage.

I can establish a legitimate business as a perfectly legal front so you're employed for all see.

The obvious antidote is atropine, which may often succeed; and the other measures are those usually employed to stimulate the circulation and respiration.

Sir William Herschel was the first astronomer who measured position angles; the instrument he employed is described in Phil.