Sentence Examples with the word emotionally

It was getting more difficult to keep his distance from his mate, and he hated knowing he'd have to hurt her emotionally to prevent the tumor from growing too fast.

Jonny was slipping out of her ability to use it, in any case, though he seemed more vulnerable to her manipulation when he was emotionally raw.

Strauss makes a steadily increasing use of avowedly irrational discords, in order to produce an emotionally apt physical sensation.

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Lori, legally and emotionally she is our daughter.

Maybe it was something emotionally disturbing.

She'd sworn never to be vulnerable again or to become emotionally involved with anyone.

David Dean, counselor of the emotionally distraught women of the world.

That wasn't easy to do when a person was physically and emotionally exhausted.

His cat was as emotionally needy as Ingrid on a good day.

I didn't want to get emotionally involved with anyone.