Sentence Examples with the word emotional

The hallway was so charged with emotional electricity that even the young mother noticed.

The words were swift and emotional and she had no doubt he spoke the truth.

The Stoic doctrine of the worthlessness of ordinary human virtue, and the stern paradox that all offenders are equally, in so far as all are absolutely, guilty, find their counterparts in Christianity; but the latter (maintaining this ideal severity in the moral standard, with an emotional consciousness of what is involved in it quite unlike that of the Stoic) overcomes its practical exclusiveness through faith.

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As the Guardian, he'd been her emotional support, and he'd imagined this look when she discussed how scared she was of what was going on outside the Peak.

While the imaginative and emotional side of Roman poetry was so powerfully represented by Lucretius, attention was directed to its artistic side by a younger genera tion, who moulded themselves in a great degree on Alexandrian models.

All her emotional and physical efforts were directed toward helping him recover and taking care of things at home.

At that moment of emotional tenderness young Nicholas' face, which resembled his father's, affected Pierre so much that when he had kissed the boy he got up quickly, took out his handkerchief, and went to the window.

He refused to base Judaism on speculative philosophy alone; there was a deep emotional side to his thought.

She was quiet as she put form to her thoughts beyond the emotional turmoil.

Jefferson was emotional and very affectionate in his home, and his generous and devoted relations with his children and grandchildren are among the finest features of his character.