Sentence Examples with the word emerging

He let the child fall into the trunk, slammed it and quickly drove away just as the mother was emerging from the house.

But their former tributaries no longer run their full course: the glacier-fed Zarafshan dries up amid the gardens of Bokhara soon after emerging from the highlands; and the Tejen and the Murghab lose themselves in the recesses of the Kara-kum desert.

He'd amused them and himself by emerging each time in some other shape.

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The emerging rays are parallel to their original direction and form a colourless image on the parhelic circle opposite the sun.

Then it is lost amidst the jungle-covered hills of the wild Mishmi and Abor tribes to the east of Bhutan for another ioo m., until it is again found as the Dihong emerging into the plains of Assam.

Between 1499 and 1716 she went to war four times with the Turks, emerging from each campaign with some further loss of maritime territory.

Dean could see her troubled profile in the emerging moonlight.

He displayed the heroic, epic value of American history, its unity with the great central stream, and dispelled for ever the extravagant conceptions of a sentimental world just emerging from the visionary philosophy of the 18th century.

This was unusual, as Bird Song's matron had pestered him about the details of the emerging flora since he had arrived at the inn the prior week.

Growth is accompanied by a succession of moults, the spider emerging from its old skins by means of a fracture which extends along the front and sides of the cephalothorax just beneath the edge of the carapace.