Sentence Examples with the word emergency

Megan indicated the emergency room to her right.

The reserves of the active army and the Territorial Army and its reserve can only be recalled to active service in case of emergency and by decree of the head of the state.

I understand when they have an emergency and you're handy, but surely they don't have emergencies all the time.

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The practice of commendation, by which - to meet a contemporary emergency - the revenues of the community were handed over to a lay lord, in return for his protection, early suggested to the emperors and kings the expedient of rewarding their warriors with rich abbeys held in commendam.

In this emergency Murad was implored to return to the throne; to a second appeal he gave way, and crossing over with his Asiatic army from Anatoli Hissar he hastened to Varna.

Government in Austria was carried on by cabinets of officials with the help of the emergency clause (paragraph 14) of the constitution.

We seem to be the emergency points of contact for anything that goes wrong anywhere in the western hemisphere.

I obeyed the emergency protocol issued earlier in the day and didn't approach the vamp.

It seemed like hours in the emergency room before the diagnosis.

As regards the tariff he advocated, as a temporary stop-gap, the passing of the emergency tariff, which had been vetoed by President Wilson, but which with slight alteration was approved by Mr. Harding on May 27 1921.