Sentence Examples with the word emendation

Cheyne involves the view that a history dealing with the south actually underlies our sources and can be recovered by emendation of the text.

In 1901 Hommel abandoned Peiser's emendation and suggested two alternative schemes.

Here too emendation is necessary..

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Successful emendation requires a rare union of qualifications - insight, prudence, patience and familiarity with the author emended and the conditions of his text.

The dangers of conjectural emendation are well known and apparent; large numbers of such emendations have been ill-advised; but in the case of many passages the only alternative for the textual critic who is at once competent and honest is to offer such emendations or to indicate that such passages are corrupt and the means of restoring them lacking.

Yet the custom is to give the credit of the emendation to him, and not to a successor who has seen what the right sense was and that this was the only word to express it, whereas the first scholar blundered once if not twice, first assigning the wrong sense to the passage and then selecting what (in most cases) would be the wrong word to express it.

But the emendation deserves the higher praise as being in most instances the more difficult achievement.

It yielded no materials of value for the emendation of the received text, and by disregarding the vowel points overlooked the one thing in which some result (grammatical if not critical) might have been derived from collation of Massoretic MSS.

From one of Oldenburg's early letters we learn that the treatise De intellectus emendation was probably Spinoza's first occupation at Rhijnsburg.

Lehmann-Haupt .uggested an emendation of the text, reducing the number by a thousand years; 14 while Winckler has regarded the statement of Nabonidus as an uncritical exaggeration.