Sentence Examples with the word embroidered

Most Persians wear a shah kulah, or night hat, a loose baggy cap of shawl or quilted material, often embroidered by the ladies.

The ribbons, decorated with embroidered dragons, differ for the various grades and classes.

English, 13th Century.) The medallions with which it is embroidered contain representations of Christ on the Cross, Christ and St Mary Magdalene, Christ and Thomas, the death of the Virgin, the burial and coronation of the Virgin, St Michael and the twelve Apostles.

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The party set out about the 16th of February 1249, with letters from King Louis and the papal legate, and rich presents, including a chapel-tent, lined with scarlet cloth and embroidered with sacred pictures.

Among the industries are manufactures of cotton, lace and embroidered muslins, and carriage-building, and there are also large market gardens, the district being famed especially for its apples, and some dairy-farming; but the prosperity of the town depends chiefly upon the coal and ironstone of the surrounding country, which is the richest mineral field in Scotland.

The barons alternated between the extravagances of Western chivalry and the attractions of Eastern luxury: they returned from the field to divans with frescoed walls and floors of mosaic, Persian rugs and embroidered silk hangings.

Plauen is now the chief place in Germany for the manufacture of embroidered white goods of all kinds, for the finishing of woven cotton fabrics, known as Plauen goods, and for the making of lace.

This plain diaphanous garment, without distinction of colour (white, red or yellow), and with perhaps only an embroidered hem at the top, was worn by the whole nation, princess and peasant, from the IVth to the XVIIIth Dynasties (Erman, Life in Ancient Egypt, p. 212).

Memans wear (z) a gold embroidered skull-cap, (2) a long kamis fastened at the neck with 3 or 4 buttons on a gold chain, (3) sadariya, i.e.

In later banners the monogram was sometimes embroidered on the cloth.