Sentence Examples with the word embrace

The Covenants were not mentioned; at his coronation William had refused to be a persecutor, and he desired that the church should embrace all who were willing to be in it.

The industries embrace iron-founding and machine-making, malting and tanning.

Even, therefore, where people desired the Reformation there were powerful influences opposed to the setting up of church government and to the exercise of church discipline after the manner of the apostolic Church; and one ceases to wonder at the absence of complete Presbyterianism in the countries which were forward to embrace and adopt the Reformation.

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The industries of Prato embrace the manufacture of woollens (the most important), straw-plaiting, biscuits, hats, macaroni, candles, silk, olive oil, clothing nd furniture, also copper and iron works, and printing.

The history of international arbitration is dealt with in the article Peace, where treaties of general arbitration are discussed, both those which embrace all future differences thereafter to arise between the contracting parties, and also those more limited conventions which aim at the settlement of all future differences in regard to particular subjects, e.g.

This house is as secure as the White House and while I don't appreciate your invading my bedroom, I have to admit this business is beyond my comprehension but that doesn't mean I won't embrace it.

The Rhyncophora embrace four families, - (1) the Curculionidae, or true weevils, (2) the Scolytidae, or bark:.

She eagerly slid into his embrace and welcomed the warm lips that sought hers.

Its industries embrace the manufacture of iron and steel goods, tanning and organ-building.

The industries embrace engine-building, the manufacture of railway carriages a11d plant, scientific instruments, porcelain, tobacco and cigars, lithography, jute-spinning, iron-founding, brewing and gardening.