Sentence Examples with the word embossed

He reached into his jacket and produced an embossed invitation in peach and brown.

Among Bessemer's numerous other inventions, not one of which attained a tithe of the success or importance of the steel process, were movable dies for embossed stamps, a gold paint, sugar machinery, and a ship which was to save her passengers from the miseries of mal de mer.

Miss Keller reads by means of embossed print or the various kinds of braille.

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The pressure to which the Sheffield plate was submitted produces a definite colour and texture which is absent from the surface produced by the deposit of silver in a liquid medium by electrical means, and the coat of silver is spread by the latter uniformly over the whole surface without a break, while in the former the junction between the embossed ornaments and the silver strips covering the cut edges may often be detected on careful examination.

As might be expected, in thickened and highly embossed valves thin spaces occur over the visual organ.

The celebrated treasure of Petroasa (commonly written Petrossa), preserved in Bucharest museum, consists of embossed and jewelled gold plate, and probably dates from the 6th century (see Plate).

Even Greek can be embossed in it, as you know.

The inhabitants, mostly Hausa, carry on an extensive trade and are especially noted for their embossed brass and copper work.

Miss Sullivan could not spell out in my hand all that the books required, and it was very difficult to have textbooks embossed in time to be of use to me, although my friends in London and Philadelphia were willing to hasten the work.

Behind them soldiers and officers bore a large, dark-faced icon with an embossed metal cover.