Sentence Examples with the word embody

Actual modes of expression are shown to embody distinctions which average intelligence can easily recognize and will readily acknowledge, though they may tend by progressive rectification fundamentally to modify the assumption natural to the level of thought from which he begins.

It would be well-nigh impossible to exaggerate the services rendered to the ancient British tongue, and consequently to the national spirit of Wales, by these Elizabethan and Jacobean translations, issued in 1567, 1588 and 1620, which were able definitely to fix the standard of classical Welsh, and to embody the contending dialects of Gwynedd, Dyfed and Gwent for all time in one literary storehouse.

A considerable amount of earlier history and literature has been lost, and it is probable that the traditions of the origins of the composite Israelites, as they are now preserved, embody evidence belonging to the nearer events of the 8th-6th centuries.

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It was an ideal that failed to embody itself and justify itself by its fruits.

It broke down, as it always will break down in practice, whenever the difference of belief is so strongly felt as to seek earnestly to embody itself in diversity of outward practice.

It was thus comparatively easy to show how the individual could learn to apprehend and embody the moral law in his own conduct.

Amos and his successors accepted the old ideal of prophecy if they disowned the class which pretended to embody it.

This he now endeavoured to embody in Der fliegende Hollander, for which he designed a libretto quite independent of any other treatment of the legend.

The cosmological argument points to nature-pantheism, with the religions - especially those of India - which embody that attitude of mind.

His poems, which embody the national genius, have passed into the very life of the people; particularly is he happy in the pieces descriptive of rural life.