Sentence Examples with the word embattled

For what to the others was chiefly a promise of personal salvation became for the indomitable will of Knox an assurance also of victory, even in this world, over embattled forces of ancient wrong.

The large parish church of St Teilo has a low embattled Perpendicular tower.

The whole aspect of Badajoz recalls its stormy history; even the cathedral, built in 1258, resembles a fortress, with massive embattled walls.

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The Gothic cathedral, said by tradition to date from 1107, but probably of 13th or 14th century 'workmanship, has the appearance of a fortress, with embattled walls and two solid towers.

The church of St Mary, with embattled tower and spire, is of various dates, and contains good examples of monumental work of the early 17th century; and in the churchyard is buried Robert Clutterbuck (d.

The church of St Gwendoline, restored in 1873, is in Perpendicular style, with an embattled tower restored in 1898.

It is a square tower built over a circular, probably Norman, arch, and has embattled corner turrets.

It is an episcopal see, and possesses a Gothic cathedral, dating from 1524, and constructed with massive embattled walls and belfry so as to resemble a fortress.

It has a very picturesque appearance, especially when approached from the north, with its embattled walls and towers filling the whole breadth of the valley.

The parish church (1769) has some columns of an earlier building, interesting brasses and strong embattled tower.