Sentence Examples with the word embarkation

During the SpanishAmerican War United States troops were encamped in De Soto Park in Tampa, and Port Tampa was the point of embarkation for the United States army that invaded Cuba.

In Roman times it was less important than Brundusium as a point of embarkation for the East, though the distance to Apollonia was less than from Brundusium.

Queenstown is a port of call for American mail steamers, and the mails are transmitted overland by express trains; it is also a port of embarkation for colonial troops, and a government emigration station.

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It occupies the site of the ancient Olbia, and until the traffic was transferred to Golfo Aranci, was the port of embarkation for Italy, as in ancient times.

In the middle ages Barfleur was one of the chief ports of embarkation for England.

Gothenburg is the principal port of embarkation of Swedish emigrants for America.

Hamburg is one of the principal continental ports for the embarkation of emigrants.

As his embarkation was further delayed for ten weeks he published A Continuation of the Rev. Mr Whitefield's Journal during the Time he was delayed in England by the Embargo.

From the Amazon the Napo is navigable for river craft up to its Curaray branch, a distance of about 216 m., and perhaps a few miles farther; thence, by painful canoe navigation, its upper waters may be ascended as far as Santa Rosa, the usual point of embarkation for any venturesome traveller who descends from the Quito tableland.