Sentence Examples with the word elm

Jackson rounded the corner onto Elm Street toward the Renaissance inspired estate he currently called home.

The water-works are owned and operated by the city, and the water is taken from the Elm fork of Trinity river.

The elm is also scarce.

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In north and central Franee the chief trees are the oak, the beech, rare south of the Loire, and the hornbeam; less important varieties are the birch, poplar, ash, elm and walnut.

Here are the Apthorp House (built in 1760), in which General Burgoyne and his officers were lodged as prisoners of war in 1777; the elm under which, according to tradition, Washington took command of the Continental Army on the 3rd of July 1775; the old Vassall or Craigie House (1759), where Washington lived in 1775-1776, and which was later the home of Edward Everett, Joseph E.

There, under the shadow of the elm trees which Bacon had planted, Pepys and his wife constantly walked.

The larch, elm and ash should be felled when the trees are between the ages of fifty and one hundred years.

Keene was once called The Elm City before Dutch elm disease destroyed the massive trees that surrounded the grassy area at the head of the square.

Dean left the parking lot on Elm Street, turned left on Church, and after dutifully pausing for a calico cat to stalk a pigeon, he continued out Yoder Avenue, watching the city slowly dissolve in his rearview mirror.

Mongolica), maple (Acerginala, Max.), ash (Fraxinus manchurica), elm (Ulmus montana), hazel (Corylus heterophylla) and several other European acquaintances.