Sentence Examples with the word elk

The bison and elk have disappeared.

West Elk breccia 3000 ft.

The moose, the elk and the beaver have been placed under the protection of the Forest, Fish and Game Commissioner.

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Across the field, two elk grazed on the hill below the tree line.

Large animals, such as the black and the grizzly bear, and deer are found on the slopes of the Sierra Mountains, and antelope, deer and elk visit the northernmost valleys in the winter.

He hit a comfortable pace and stayed there as he peddled past the cemetery and the open meadows where a herd of elk grazed near the river to his left, standing at attention near the edge of the tall cottonwoods that lined the bank.

You will be offered Elk and Bison meat while you're here.

The wapiti or American elk at one time abounded from Quebec to the Pacific, and as far north as the Peace river, but is now found only in small numbers from Manitoba westwards.

The elk is to be found in the forests of East Prussia.

Of the above, Reindeer and Elk are dealt with in separate articles (qq.v.).