Sentence Examples with the word elite

The tall figure loping after them was the equivalent of an immortal pit bull, one of the Watchers' own elite personal guards.

Lana asked suddenly, surprised to see the elite soldier had it at her waist.

The aristocracy of birth, despite its reverses, still remained the elite of society; and Griffenfeldt, the son of a burgess as well as the protagonist of monarchy, was its most determined enemy.

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Buonarroti, Conspiration pour l'egalite, elite de Babeuf (2 vols., Brussels, 1828; later editions, 1850 and 1869), English translation by Bronterre O'Brien (London, 1836); Cambridge Modern History, vol.

The elite fed soldier was dressed in PMF gray.

She'd thought him beyond the duplicity that made up the actions of the elite class.

Their recruits came from the elite class, while the regular army came from the poor.

Nothing in the town would be standing, because the elite hoarded power and anything that would give them influence.

The communications screen lit up one wall, displaying one of the genetically altered women in the elite special operations security team.

If these people had been from the elite class, they'd have shot her on sight.