Sentence Examples with the word eliminate

His purpose is to eliminate the common idea of divine interference.

I'd like to eliminate your handicap of life's tribulations and fund you.

To Eliminate The Disturbing Influence Of Wind, Different Wind Strengths Are Treated Separately.

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I was sure his goal was to eliminate the person or persons tracking him; the tipster.

Very special precautions are required to eliminate instrumental error before we can compare observations, say, of a star on the meridian in winter at 6 p.m.

If three plates (or three sets of exposures on one plate) are taken at intervals of six months, when the stars in the region have their maximum parallactic displacements, the first and third plates serve to eliminate the proper motion of the star, and the detection of a parallax is easy.

Having regard to the special precautions taken to eliminate systematic error, and to the fact that the stars used were distributed nearly equally over both hemispheres, it is fair to conclude that this is the most accurate determination yet made.

The way to end war is not to set up some big world government or eliminate nation-states, which will always retain the right to take unilateral military action to defend themselves.

But later Jewish exegesis was especially concerned to eliminate everything in the sacred writings that might give rise to misconception with respect to God on the part of the unlearned.

Were Taken To Discuss And Eliminate All The Sources Of Constant Error Which Could Be Foreseen.