Sentence Examples with the word elfin

In 1920 he issued a new volume of poems, The Elfin Artist.

These elements are, briefly stated, (1) a strong partiality for subjects dealing with humble life, in country and town, with the fun of taverns and village greens, with that domestic life in the rough which goes to the making of the earlier farces in English and French; (2) a whimsical, elfin kind of wit, delighting in extravagance and topsy-turviness; (3) a frank interest in the pleasures of good company and good drink.

Her skin was caramel, her long brown hair falling in fat ringlets around her elfin features.

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Martha, although half her age, was taller by two inches than the elfin Franny.

The tenuis becomes a spirant also after r or 1, as in corff from corpus, and Elfin from Alpinus; but It gives llt or ll.

The more imaginative, elfin quality, familiar in Dunbar's Ballad of Kynd Kittok and his Interlude of the Droichis Part appears in such pieces as Gyre Carling (the mother-witch), King Berdok, and Lichtounis Dreme.

Her pink hair was up in a bun that revealed the delicate cut of her elfin features.

Traci was stunning, from her supermodel body to her delicate, elfin features.

In diameter, standing erect, but pierced by a tubular passage from top to bottom; the Leaning Column nearly as large, undermined and tilting like the campanile of Pisa; the Organ, a cluster of stalactites in the chamber known as the Cathedral; besides a vast bed of di.- integrated carbonates left by the whirling flood in its retreat through the great space called the Elfin Ramble.

The woman before him was younger than he expected and cute in an elfin way, with large eyes, a tapered chin, delicate jaw line, and expressive brow.