Sentence Examples with the word eleventh

But two corollaries follow from our present investigation of his extant writings; the first, that it was the long continuance of the Peripatetic school which gradually caused the publication, and in some cases the forgery, of the separate writings; and the second, that his Peripatetic successors arranged and edited some of Aristotle's writings, and gradually arrived by the time of Andronicus, the eleventh from Aristotle, at an order of the whole body of writings forming the system.

Maitland (Cambridge, 1897); English Society in the Eleventh Century, by P. Vinogradoff (Oxford, 1908).

On the night of the eleventh of October he lay leaning on his arm and thinking of that.

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At the eleventh hour he summoned Guillaume to his help against the overwhelming forces of the Saracens.

This so-called prophecy bewails the extinction of the Ascanian rulers of Brandenburg and the rise of the Hohenzollern dynasty to power; each successive ruler of the latter house down to the eleventh generation is described, the date of the extinction of the race fixed, and the restoration of the Roman Catholic Church foretold.

Of the members of the first legislative council five were supporters of the Oranjie Unie and five were regarded as Constitutionalists, the eleventh member holding the balance.

Also he gives two different reckonings of the segmentation, counting first eleven body segments without the caudal furca (p. 40), and then the caudal furca as itself the eleventh segment (p. 41).

In those insects in which a median terminal appendage exists between the two cerci this is considered to be a prolongation of the eleventh tergite.

He was only in his eleventh year, and was at least personally innocent of complicity in his brothers death.

The eleventh region, known as Gallia Transpadana, included all the rest of Cisalpine Gau1 from the Padus on the south and the Addua on the east to the foot of the Alps.