Sentence Examples with the word elephantine

Popular among Europeans as a winter health resort and tourist centre, Assuan is provided with large modern hotels (one situated on Elephantine Island), and there is an English church.

The materials used are numerous; but the principal substances are straw, the bulrushes Typha elephantine and T.

Of his work at Heliopolis there remain the obelisks of London and New York; and from Elephantine is the obelisk at Sion House.

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A series of impressions from Greek seals was found at Selinus in Sicily, dating before 249 B.C.; a small collection of sealed Greek documents on papyrus of the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C. has been discovered at Elephantine in Egypt.

The effect of the localization of gods in many different places was to give them a double aspect; so, for instance, Khnum the god of Elephantine could in one minute be regarded as identical with)n as entirely separate beings.

He also pushed his investigations into the great temple of Edfu, visited Elephantine and Philae, cleared the great temple at Abu Simbel of sand (1817), made excavations at Karnak, and opened up the sepulchre of Seti I.

There were two leading religious parties: one of oppressive formalists, exclusive, strict 3 The papyri from Elephantine (p. 282, n.

For the following reigns Egyptian documents hardly exist, but some papyri written in Aramaic have been found at Elephantine and at Memphis.

The mercenary troops at Elephantine mutinied and attempted to desert to Ethiopia, but were brought back and punished.

Papyri from a Jewish colony in Elephantine (407 B.C.) clearly show the form which royal permits could take, and what the Jews were prepared to give in return; the points of resemblance are extremely interesting, but compared with the biblical documents the papyri reveal some striking differences.