Sentence Examples with the word elegy

His might is attested also by the fine elegy (2 Sam.

He was articled as a law clerk in Edinburgh, and his Elegy on Craigmillar Castle (1776) was printed during his clerkship. In 1781 he removed to London to devote himself to literary work, publishing in the same year a volume of Rimes of no great merit, and Scottish Tragic Ballads.

Twice over this tenet, which makes Socrates, Plato and Aristotle one ethical school, inspired Aristotle to attempt poetry: first, in the Elegy to Eudemus of Cyprus, in which, referring to either Socrates or Plato, he praises the man who first showed clearly that a good and happy man are the same (Fragm.

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In 1613 Donne contributed to the Lachrymae lachrymarum an obscure and frigid elegy on the death of the prince of Wales, and wrote his famous Marriage Song for St Valentine's Day to celebrate the nuptials of the elector palatine with the princess Elizabeth.

An elegy written by him in Latin on the death of a friend attracted the attention of Count von Briihl, the prime minister, who expressed a desire to see the author.

An elegy on his death was published by William Tasker, poet and physiognomist, in the same year.

It is sometimes not easy to distinguish the epistle from the elegy and from the dedication.

Both are lauded in an elegy quoted from the Book of Jashar (2 Sam.

The noble elegy on the death of Saul and Jonathan, quoted from the Book of Jashar (2 Sam.