Sentence Examples with the word electronic

The reader may be referred for an admirable summary of the theories of electricity prior to the advent of the electronic hypothesis to J.

Quinn's electronic equipment was updated to state of the art.

He led an ephemeral electronic existence.

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But it is an electronic library bigger and better than any other library that has ever existed or even been contemplated by humans.

The third room is filled with my wizard mad scientist husband's electronic hub bub of messy experiments.

And if the Internet is an electronic cocktail party, it is more like a hundred million cocktail parties going on at once, with friends connecting, professionals networking, competitors playing games, and groups coalescing around every sort of interest.

For particular information on the modern Electronic theory the reader may consult W.

The roles of electronic warfare is an essential element of fire support.

Lately, Fred had expanded his electronic rummage sale, advertising himself as a local resource for anyone seeking ancestral information in Ouray County.

EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance.