Sentence Examples with the word electric

H is an electric heater for raising the body to a suitable temperature, which can swing into place directly over the calorimeter.

In the same manner, if an electrified body carries a positive charge Q electrostatic units and is placed in an electric field at a place where the electric force or electromotive intensity has a value E units, it is urged in the direction of the electric force with a mechanical force equal to QE dynes.

It is served by the Grand Trunk railway and by two electric lines to Detroit.

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The arrangement of the tanks depends largely upon the voltage available from the electric generator selected; commonly they are divided into groups, all the baths in each group being in series.

That question can only be answered by examining whether or not the particles move in an electric field.

For dock-side jib cranes the use of electric power is making rapid strides.

The ever-increasing importance of the electric current in metallurgy and chemical manufactures is making this method of great importance, and in some cases it has partially, if not wholly, superseded the older methods.

It is served by the Michigan Central and the Ann Arbor railways, and by an electric line running from Detroit to Jackson and connecting with various other lines.

At its falls from Lake of the Woods is one of the greatest and most easily utilized water-powers in the world, and from falls lower down the river electric power for the city of Winnipeg is obtained.

Kiki whirled from his position before the hearth, his oriental features set off by electric turquoise eyes.