Sentence Examples with the word elastic

Sec., elastic vinculum and Exp.sec., expansor secundariorum; and Pt.lg, short and long propatagial muscles; Tri, triceps.

The term, however, is somewhat elastic in its current use, and students of centipedes and spiders are often reckoned among the entomologists.

The cirripede, which has an elastic peduncle, a crested capitulum, but no valves, and the first cirrhi longer than the rest, should stand near Eremolepas, the name given by Weltner in place of the preoccupied Gymnolepas (Aurivillius).

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The claws are large, strongly compressed, sharp, and exhibit the retractile condition in the highest degree, being drawn backwards and upwards into a sheath by the action of an elastic ligament so long as the foot is in a state of repose, but exerted by muscular action when the animal strikes its prey.

No form of the elastic solid theory is admissible except that in which the vibrations are supposed to be perpendicular to the plane of polarization, and the difference between one medium and another to be a difference of density only (Phil.

In like manner our present law (20) would apply to the kind of obstruction that would be caused by an actual physical division of the elastic medium, extending over the whole of the area supposed to be occupied by the intercepting screen, but of course not extending to the parts supposed to be perforated.

A b, e f, tapering elastic rods form flapped in an upward and downward direction.

There is a close analogy between the variation of dielectric constant of an insulator with electric force frequency and that of the rigidity or stiffness of an elastic body with the frequency of applied mechanical stress.

The mesogloea in the hydropolyp is a thin elastic layer, in which may be lodged the muscular fibres and ganglion cells mentioned above, but which never contains any connective tissue or skeletogenous cells or any other kind of special mesogloeal corpuscles.

Below this hinge each shell becomes concave, above it each shell rises a little to form the umbo, and it is into this ridge-like upgrowth of each valve that the elastic ligament or spring is fixed (fig.