Sentence Examples with the word elapse

It might be that a long interval would elapse ere the White Whale was seen.

When they were over he allowed five more days to elapse before he would take his lute, of which he had been devotedly fond, in his hands.

In prescribing this drug it must be remembered that fully three days elapse before it gets into the system, and thus it must always be combined with other remedies to tide the patient over this period.

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Explorations by botanists of the United States Department of Agriculture have been made in many localities, in Jalisco, Zacatecas, Michoacan and Tamaulipas, but many years must elapse before the whole ground can be covered.

The thirty years that were to elapse between the dedication of the precinct to Aeacus and the final victory of Athens (Herod.

Very often two or three hours elapse before the stag breaks, but a run over the wild country fully atones for the delay.

In the case of the greater number of the fixed stars this is so slow that centuries may have to elapse before motion can be deduced.

There must be a session of parliament every year, so arranged that twelve months shall not elapse between the last day of one session and the first sitting of the next session.

It remains to give a brief analysis of the qualifications and functions of the archons after the year 487 B.C. After election (in the time of Aristotle in the month Anthesterion; in the 3rd century in Munychion) a short time had to elapse before entering on office to allow of the dokimasia (examination of fitness).

In accurate comparisons, therefore, it is necessary that the coils to be compared should be immersed in melting ice, and that sufficient time should be allowed to elapse between the measurements for the heat generated in the coil to be removed.