Sentence Examples with the word ejectment

He was ordained minister of New Luce in Galloway in 1660, but had to leave his parish under Middleton's Ejectment Act in 1663.

From the ejectment of 1662 to the indulgence of 1687, Baxter's life was constantly disturbed by persecution of one kind or another.

On the other hand the doctrine became effective if the manors in question had been granted by later kings to subjects, because if they remained in the hand of the king the only remedy against ejectment and exaction lay in petitioning for redress without any definite right to the latter.

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The conditions of Ejectment are stated under that heading.

It was abolished in 1880 as regards all leases entered into after the 11th of November 1881, where the land demised exceeded two acres in extent, and the landlord was left to remedies akin to ejectment (Hypothec Abolition, Scotland, Act 1880).

G g Y protected the tenants' improvements and provided compensation for disturbance within certain limits, but not where the ejectment was for non-payment of rent.

The law as to Ejectment is dealt with under that heading.

The Compensation for Disturbance Bill, even where the ejectment was for non-payment of rent, passed the House of Commons, but the Lords threw it out, and this has often been represented as the great cause of future trouble.