Sentence Examples with the word eighty-four

In the long roll of his eighty-four years there was scarcely a crumpled rose-leaf.

But the addition was very far from being an improvement on the work of Calippus; for instead of a difference of only five hours and fifty-three minutes between the places of the sun and moon, which was the whole error of the Calippic period, this difference, in the period of eighty-four years, amounted to one day, six hours and forty-one minutes.

This pastoral was subsequently in 1786 annexed to the resolutions passed by the reforming synod of Pistoia, and was condemned with eighty-four other propositions by papal bull in 1794.

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Soon after the Nicene council, the Jews, in imitation of the Christians, abandoned the cycle of eighty-four years, and adopted that of Meton, by which their lunisolar year is regulated at the present day.

And now, eighty-four years after his death, Poland was once more split up into half a dozen loosely federated states in the hands of country gentlemen too ignorant and prejudiced to look beyond the boundaries of their own provinces.

Hundred and eighty-four days.

In fact, the period of Calippus containing 2 7,759 days, and the octacteris 2922 days, the sum, which is 30,681, is exactly the number of days in eighty-four Julian years.

Vita carmine expressa (pp. lxxxi.- xcix.), written by Hobbes at the age of eighty-four (first published by itself in 1680).

Nor did age lessen his energy, for in 1550, when eighty-four years old, he again put to sea to punish the raids of his old enemies the Barbary pirates, but with.