Sentence Examples with the word eighty

It is said that loons have been caught in the New York lakes eighty feet beneath the surface, with hooks set for trout--though Walden is deeper than that.

Within eighty years the Russians had reached the Amur and the Pacific. This rapid conquest is accounted for by the circumstance that neither Tatars nor Turks were able to offer any serious resistance.

Navigation, which is practicable for only one hundred and eighty days in the year, is rather difficult owing to fogs and gales, which are often accompanied, even in April and September, with snow-storms. The prevailing winds blow from N.W.

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If about eighty percent of your help left town maybe my nice country inn wouldn't look like Dillinger's hideout and we could get down to business and wrap this up.

For two years Ali, now over eighty years of age, held his own, in spite of the defection of his vassals and even of his sons.

She took about eighty percent of your tips at the call center.

In Silesia the introduction of gas-firing has led to the use of furnaces containing eighty muffles.

It has been well said of him in explanation of his success, that he lived eighty years and preserved his digestion unimpaired.

It will have been seen that the Heidelburgh Tun of the Sperm Whale embraces the entire length of the entire top of the head; and since--as has been elsewhere set forth--the head embraces one third of the whole length of the creature, then setting that length down at eighty feet for a good sized whale, you have more than twenty-six feet for the depth of the tun, when it is lengthwise hoisted up and down against a ship's side.

Although exceedingly near-sighted, Tennyson was a very close observer of nature, and at the age of eighty his dark and glowing eyes, which were still strong, continued to permit him to enjoy the delicate features of country life around him, both at Aldworth and in the Isle of Wight.