Sentence Examples with the word efficiently

The vast task was well and efficiently done, but the authorities displayed little imagination, and during the first two and a half years failed to realize that the war was a conflict between nations, not armies.

This mill is guaranteed to crush thoroughly and efficiently from 250 to 300 tons of canes in 24 hours.

The design combines ample boiler capacity with large adhesive weight and moderate axle loads, but except on heavy gradients or for unusually large trains requiring engines of great adhesion, passenger traffic can be more efficiently and economically handled by four-coupled locomotives of the eight-wheel or Atlantic types.

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It must, however, be recognized that on the whole the work was well and efficiently done.

The converse proposition, that persons efficiently protected from mosquito bites escape malaria, has been made the subject of several remarkable experiments.

The low and dangerous coasts, off which the seas are generally very shallow, are efficiently served by a series of lifeboat stations.

It is chiefly through these two practices that the party organizations have grown so powerful, and have been developed into an extremely complicated system of machinery, firm yet flexible, delicate yet quickly set up, and capable of working efficiently in the newest and roughest communities.

That honour could henceforth be conferred upon any place in the Roman world which might suit the convenience of the emperor, or serve more efficiently the interests he had to guard.

The work of reorganization was efficiently carried out, and the gendarmerie school at Salonica, under British supervision, showed excellent results.

The national library at Santiago, with 116,300 volumes in 1906, and the national observatory, are both efficiently administered.