Sentence Examples with the word effervescent

It is very likely that the discovery of the utility of cork for stoppering led to the invention of effervescent wine, the most plausible explanation being that Dom Perignon closed some bottles filled with partially fermented wine, with the new material, and on opening them later observed, the effects produced by the confined carbonic acid gas.

It was at about the latter date that sparkling or effervescent wine was first made, for, according to M.

Furnish a highly effervescent water of considerable medicinal and commercial value.

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The well of effervescent chalybeate water is largely resorted to for anaemia and as a tonic. A peat bath, similar to those at Franzensbad in Bohemia, has also been established.

There are, owing perhaps to the proximity of Lima, few industrial establishments in the city; among them are a large sugar refinery, some flour-mills, a brewery, a factory for making effervescent drinks, and a number of foundries and repair shops.

Tartaric acid is rarely used alone, but is contained in pilula quininae sulphatis and in Seidlitz powder (see Sodium), and is a constituent of many proprietary granular effervescent preparations.