Sentence Examples with the word effectiveness

The course of his narrative is unperplexed by doubtful or insoluble problems. The painting is filled in with primary colours and with a free hand; and any sense of crudity which may be awakened by close inspection is compensated by the vigour and massive effectiveness of the whole.

Howles, who, employing a high tension alternating arc, showed that the effectiveness depended upon the temperature.

The Council had been on the verge of splitting for years, severing the effectiveness of their ability to combat Darkyn's demons.

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The plan would compromise the operational effectiveness of the armed forces.

In public speaking he often combined a rhetorical effectiveness and emotional intensity that might take the place of imagination, and enabled him, on the coldest theme, to move deeply the feelings of his auditors.

The verse is most carefully constructed, and is also most effective, but it is so with the rhetorical effectiveness of Lucan, not with the musical charm of Virgil.

Many comparisons of the effectiveness of dephlegmating columns have been made (see Sidney Young, Fractional Distillation, 1903).

No doubt they are subsequently guided to higher excellence and effectiveness with the experience gained in their oft-repeated performance.

It requires a radium salt of high radioactivity to be at all comparable in effectiveness with a good water-dropper.

The chief characteristic of the day's fighting was the terrible effectiveness of the Prussian artillery, which was handled in masses and not, as on the French side, by batteries.