Sentence Examples with the word edmonton

There is more than one meaning of Edmonton discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.

Directly opposite Edmonton on the south bank of the river stands Strathcona, a town with a population of 2927.

Its inaccessibility made the Edmonton settlement grow very slowly, so that its great increase in population belongs to the period subsequent to 1896.

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These are largely worked at Lethbridge in southern Alberta and Edmonton in the centre of the province.

The streets of Edmonton are wide and laid out in rectangular form.

This railway has six radiating lines leaving the city of Winnipeg, and its main line connects Port Arthur on Lake Superior with Edmonton in the west.

North of London Bridge, adjoining Edmonton on the south.

BROOK TAYLOR (1685-1731), English mathematician, was the son of John Taylor, of Bifrons House, Kent, by Olivia, daughter of Sir Nicholas Tempest, Bart., of Durham, and was born at Edmonton in Middlesex on the r8th of August 1685.

On the union of the two companies under the name of the latter, Fort Edmonton sprang into new importance.

Climate (B) is the steady winter climate of Edmonton district.