Sentence Examples with the word editorial

But it is more probable that we have it in the form in which it grew up - a series of observations by the original author with interspersed editorial remarks; and it is better to preserve the existing form as giving a record of the process of growth.

An ardent opponent of slavery, he became a Free Soiler, was a delegate to the National Convention which nominated John P. Hale for the presidency in 1852, and subsequently served as chairman of the State Committee, having at the same time editorial control of the Charter Oak, the party organ.

His brother George Cary Eggleston (1839-), American journalist and author, served in the Confederate army; was managing editor and later editor-in-chief of Hearth and Home (1871-1874); was literary editor of the New York Evening Post (1875-1881), literary editor and afterwards editor-in-chief of the New York Commercial Advertiser (1884-1889), and editorial writer for The World (New York) from 1889 to 1900.

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The Greek patrology contains, however, besides the text, a Latin translation, and in both patrologies there is much editorial matter.

He thus acted for twelve years (1541-1553), making money by his practice, and also by renewed editorial work for the Lyons publishers - work in which he constantly displayed his passion for original discovery in all departments.

In the editorial control of this periodical he was associated with Jared Sparks and Edward T.

Froben's enterprise, united with Erasmus's editorial skill, raised the press of Basel, for a time, to be the most important in Europe.

First he was an errand boy in a lawyer's office; then he was employed in a printing office; next he became a country school teacher; he founded (1836) and till 1839 edited the Long Islander at Huntingdon, and later edited a daily paper in Brooklyn (the Eagle, 1846-1847) then he was found in New Orleans, on the editorial staff of ths.

The hiatus is striking, but it cannot be held to necessitate an editorial dovetailing of two separate epistles.

But his editorial work was soon abandoned for a more active public career.