Sentence Examples with the word edited

Levison has edited the Vitae sancti Bonifatii (Hanover, 1905).

The Policraticus was edited with notes and introductions by C. C. I.

In concert with the Giunta, he now edited an extensive collection of Italian letters, and in 1576 he published his commentary upon the Ars poetica of Horace.

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The Reliques of Father Prout were collected from Fraser's Magazine and published in two volumes in 1836; The Final Reliques of Father Prout, chiefly extracted from the Daily News and the Globe, were edited by Blanchard Jerrold in 1876, and an edition of his works, edited by Charles Kent, was published in 1881.

The last edition of the Traite d'economie politique which appeared during the life of the author was the 5th (1826); the 6th, with the author's final corrections, was edited by the eldest son, Horace Emile Say, himself known as an economist, in 1846.

The quatrains have been edited at Calcutta (1836) and Teheran (1857 and i862); text and French translation by 3.

Atkinson (Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 1880); The Annals of Ulster, edited by W.

He also edited Hesiod and Pindar, Euripides and Aristophanes, besides composing brief introductions to the several plays, parts of which are still extant.

Sprenger in his Postand Reiserouten des Orients (Leipzig, 1864) and further in his' Alte Geographie Arabiens (Bern, 1875), it was edited by D.

He was chief of the Socialist left, which then mustered sixty members, and edited until 1896 their organ in the press, La Petite Republique.