Sentence Examples with the word edifying

It contains lyrical and ballad poetry, specimens of early exegesis and commentary, lives of the saints, collections of edifying anecdotes and of the now well-known Jatakas or Birth Stories.

Other narratives are intended rather for amusement, although they are always well seasoned with edifying phrases.

It was an edifying experience.

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The so-called Apocryphal Acts of certain apostles, while witnessing to the impression produced by our Acts as a type of edifying literature, only emphasize this fact.

It is now recognized that the compiler of the former has used many novel narratives of a particular edifying and didactic stamp, and scholars are practically unanimous that these are subsequent to the age of the Israelite monarchy and present a picture of historical and religious conditions which (to judge from earlier sources) is untrustworthy.

As time went on the practice of introducing additional matter of an edifying character grew in popular favour, and was gradually extended.

Already, only eighty years after More's execution, hagiography had taken possession of the facts and was transmuting them into an edifying legend.

He told edifying tales for infants and immature grown ups.

The prospect of that victory being sacrificed now is not edifying to the General Staff, who have a strong say in Turkish politics.

It appears to consist of an old story which has been heavily revised to form an edifying piece of exposition.