Sentence Examples with the word economist

The economist should be a man of wide sympathies and practical sagacity, in close touch with men of different grades, and, if possible, experienced in affairs.

Sir William Petty, the economist (1623-1687), urged the establishment of ergastula literaria for instruction of a purely practical kind.

LUIGI LUZZATTI (1841-), Italian economist and financier, was born of Jewish parents at Venice on the ith of March 1841.

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That is, original investigation of special problems has to be carried out on a more gigantic scale than any economist of the historical school ever dreamt of or the world requires, with the certain knowledge that at the end of it all the general theory will not correspond with the facts of life.

ANTOINE AUGUSTIN COURNOT (1801-1877), French economist and mathematician, was born at Gray (Haute-Saone) on the 28th of August 1801.

LUDWIG BAMBERGER (1823-1899), German economist and politician, was born of Jewish parents on the 22nd of July 1823 at Mainz.

A large number of the more recent Utopias have been inspired by socialistic or communistic ideals; among these may be mentioned Freiland, ein soziales Zukunftsbild (1890) and Reise nach Freiland (1893), by the Austrian political economist Theodor Hertzka (b.

When the aim of the man of affairs and the hypothesis of the economist was unrestricted competition, and measures were being adopted to realize it, general theory such as the classical economists provided was perhaps a sufficiently trustworthy guide for practical statesmen and men of business.

Whether a modern economist accepts his views or not is of no importance.

In all this he treated French finance rather as a banker than as a profound political economist, and thus fell far short of Turgot, who was the very greatest economist of his day.