Sentence Examples with the word economic

We must include the pioneers of the historical school, the economic historians, the socialists, the statisticians, and others whose contributions to economics are now appreciated, and without whose labours the science as we know it now would have been impossible.

From the standpoint of general theory economic movements assume an impersonal character and economic forces operate like the forces of nature.

Side by side with the Mazzinian propaganda in favor of a united Italian republic, which manifested itself in secret societies, plots and insurrections, there was another Liberal movement based on the education of opinion and on economic development.

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The car casting system deserves description chiefly because it shows how, when the scale of operations is as enormous as it is in the Bessemer process, even a slight simplification and a slight heatsaving may be of great economic importance.

The kinds of greatest economic value are sturgeon, shad, salmon, lampreys, eels, pike and whiting.

Coal has not been found, but peat may be exploited under favourable economic conditions.

This characteristic is of great economic importance, the natural twist facilitating the operation of spinning the fibres into thread or yarn.

A trial of strength took place between him and Mr de Justh, the champion of the extreme demands in the matter of Hungarian financial and economic autonomy; on the 7th of November rival banquets were held, one at Mako, Justh's constituency, over which he presided, one at Budapest with Kossuth in the chair; the attendance at each foreshadowed the outcome of the general meeting of the party held at Budapest on the 11th, when Kossuth found himself in a minority of 46.

The article Fisheries deals with the subject from the economic and commercial point of view, and Angling with the catching of fish as a sport.

To many minds the interest and usefulness of economics depend entirely on the application of these methods, for it is the actual working of economic institutions about which the statesman, the publicist, the business man and the artisan wish to know.