Sentence Examples with the word ecology

Here, therefore, floristics and ecology meet.

It is a familiar observation that climatic and edaphic (nature of soil) conditions exert an influence upon the form and structure of plants (see PLANTS: Ecology of).

From the phytogeographical standpoint, ecology is frequently termed ecological plant geography.

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From such points of view as this, it is indeed true, as Warming has recently stated, that ecology is only in its infancy.

The study of the nature of these adaptations, which are often extremely subtle and by no means merely superficial, is termed Ecology (see above).

As a botanical term, ecology denotes that branch of botany which comprises the study of the relations of the individual plant, or the species, or the plant community with the habitat.

When it is sought to consider algae with a view to the correlation of the external form to the conditions of life, a subject the study of which under the name of ecology has Ecoiogy.

Until much more advance has been made by ecologists in the investigation of the nature of habitat factors, and until the effect of the factors on the plants has been more closely investigated by physiologists, it will remain impossible to place ecology on a physiological basis: all that is possible at present is to give a physiological bias to certain aspects of ecological research.