Sentence Examples with the word eckhart

Kramm, Meister Eckhart im Lichte der Denifleschen Funde (Bonn, 1889); R.

Tauler's sermons were printed first at Leipzig in 1498, and reprinted with additions from Eckhart and others at Basel (1522) and at Cologne (1543).

Jostes, Meister Eckhart and seine Jiinger (Freiburg, 1895); for the Latin works, H.

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Thus, to take only one prominent example, the profound speculations of Meister Eckhart (q.v.) are always treated under the head of Mysticism, but they might with equal right appear under the rubric Theosophy.

He is chiefly occupied with the means whereby the unio mystica is to be attained, whereas Eckhart dwells on the union as an ever-present fact, and dilates on its metaphysical implications.

Bach, Meister Eckhart der Vater der deutschen Speculation (1864); C. Ullmann, Reformatoren vor der Reformation (1842); W.

Schopff, Meister Eckhart (Leipzig, 1889); A.

Among them chiefly the followers of Eckhart were to be found.

Martensen, Meister Eckhart (1842); J.

But in Eckhart the attitude of the churchman and traditionalist is entirely abandoned.