Sentence Examples with the word echelon

The echelon and interferometer serve only a limited purpose, but must be called into action when the detailed structure of lines is to be examined.

On the I3th the advance began in echelon of brigade squares from the left.

C. An echelon grating.

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Delivered in three echelons, these final attacks were repulsed, the first echelon by Colin Halkett's British Brigade, a Dutch-Belgian battery, and a brigade of Chasse's Dutch-Belgian division; the second and third echelons by the Guards, the 52nd, and the Royal Artillery.

Hence it consists (1) partly of ranges, mostly snow-capped, which stretch from south-west to north-east, and which in several cases terminate en echelon on the verge of the desert, and (2) partly of ranges which strike away from the above at various angles, but in a predominantly north-western direction.

Army (Prince Frederick Charles) moved off in echelon from left to right, the I.

In the United States and elsewhere engines drawing behind them a number of ploughs, arranged in echelon and taking perhaps The sub-soil plough has the beam and body but not the mould-board of an ordinary plough.

Michelson's ingenious echelon grating constitutes a realization in an unexpected manner of what was thought to be impracticable.

For the study of Zeeman effects (see Magneto-Optics) the echelon seems specially adapted, while the great pliability of 'Fabry and Perot's methods, allowing a clear interpretation of results, is likely to secure them permanently an established place in measurements of precision.

The Altai, the still unnamed complex of the Minusinsk Mountains, the intricate mountain-chains of Sayan, with those of the Olekma, Vitim and Aldan all arranged en echelon - the former from N.W.