Sentence Examples with the word eaten

Digging one day for fishworms, I discovered the ground-nut (Apios tuberosa) on its string, the potato of the aborigines, a sort of fabulous fruit, which I had begun to doubt if I had ever dug and eaten in childhood, as I had told, and had not dreamed it.

Owing to the smaller size of the male and the greater voracity of the female, the male makes his advances to his mate at the risk of his life and is not infrequently killed and eaten by her either before or after pairing has been effected.

There is little doubt that my pretty piglet has been eaten by that horrid kitten, and if that is true the offender must be punished.

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No leaven shall be eaten with it for seven days, and bread of affliction shall be eaten because they came forth from Egypt in haste.

He hadn't eaten in a week, afraid of making his mother sicker by drinking her blood.

In North America the fruits of an allied species, C. americana, are eaten both raw and cooked.

Many rules of etiquette govern the proper conduct of the chopsticks; laying them across the bowl is a sign that the guest wishes to leave the table; they are not used during a time of mourning, when food is eaten with the fingers; and various methods of handling them form a secret code of signalling.

I haven't eaten a decent meal in weeks.

She felt as if she hadn't just eaten a large breakfast.

Burns's John Barleycorn); but it is better to refer it to the tearing of the flesh of the victim at sacrifices at which the deity or the sacred animal was slain, and sacramentally eaten raw (cf.